Halloween Ghost Sweets Event Pics and Updates

Hey, everyone (^-^)/

It’s maintenance day… again, and so I can’t play the pigg games against my will. That said, I better use the opportunity to update my blog and share with you the prizes I got for completing pigg cafe‘s Halloween Ghost Sweets Event main quests.

Note that I’ve given up the extra quest that gives you a cute purple bat lamp, so I won’t list it here. But if you want the lamp, you still have about 1 day or so to complete the challenge, so don’t give up yet!

Also, pigg cafe is selling a lot of new items, and they are so cute!!! Plus, like that isn’t enough, they’re having a BIG SALE too (20% off) for the next 17 hours (before the maintenance), so if you want something, you better use this opportunity.

Anyway, here are the only items I got from pigg cafe – a new uniform for me and my staff.

To be honest, the uniform isn’t my favorite, compared to the previous ones, but it’s still okay. At least they gave us a jacket instead of an apron this time, so I can actually wear it.

I got the orange hat for completing the main quest before the early deadline expired. I think I only had a few hours left! Talk about crunch time!

- – – – -

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now. I just realize that I forgot to take a picture of my staff, so I’ll do it later and update this blog again then.
In the meantime, good luck for you all if you haven’t completed any of the quests yet.

A little updates…
There’s a new event on both pigg casino and pigg fishing, and of course, I’m participating in the fishing one. Also, today was the last day of pigg life’s Black Lily Event, so I wonder if they’ll give us a new quest immediately after the maintenance later. Let’s see!

Kaori and the Masquerade Ball

Hi, everyone (^-^)

I can’t believe how relaxed I’ve been as soon as I finished the pigg island’s quests. Turns out, pigg island is the one that was most time consuming. But then again, that’s because I’ve given up the extra quest of pigg cafe, I’m sure, otherwise, pigg cafe will be the one that’s more time consuming.

That said, since I’ve got time to spare, I’d like to share with you a bunch of costumes I’ve collected along the way. This time, I include my characters from both pigg and pico, just because they make a cute couple (^-^)

  • The Valentine’s Day couple

The boy is the chocolate and the girl is the strawberry. Don’t they make a cute combination? (*^^*)

  • The Gothic Lolita couple

Blue and pink combo. Classic is always the best color to go (-.^)

  • The Wedding Day couple

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a veil for the girl, but the white color does the trick already, I think.

  • The Engaged couple

Just like the wedding one, only less formal and more casual.

  • The Frog couple

This is my most favorite one (LOL). The boy is a kappa (a Japanese mythical creature that looks like a frog and a turtle), and the girl is a yellow frog.

  • The Magician and His Rabbit couple

The boy’s costume is actually Mickey Mouse, but it looks like a magician too, no? And from his hat appears the cute pink bunny (^-^)

  • The Usual Ordinary Casual couple

I have no comment on this one. They’re just an ordinary couple.

  • The Orange couple

The boy is a pumpkin and the girl is a… well, I have no idea, but she makes a cute couple for the orange pumpkin, doesn’t she? (^_^;

  • The Fairy Tale couple

Last but not least is the fairy tale couple. The boy is a boy witch (and hopefully the nice one), and the girl is a cute little red riding hood~

I actually still have a lot more costumes to share with you, so I most likely will do it next time.

Till then, good luck with the quest, everyone!

Kaori and the Pirate Costumes

Ahoy, mateys!
How are you doing with the quests? (^-^)/

Surprisingly, despite of the brutally difficult quests, I managed to finish all of them before the early deadline!!! I was shocked yet happy!

Well… almost (^_^;
To be honest, I still need to complete the last quest of pigg cafe, and I only have 11 hours before the early deadline expires. Let’s see if I can finish it on time or not. If not, I don’t think I’ll regret it anyway, since the bonus price is just an exactly same hat we’ll get when we finish the regular quest, only in different color.

As for the rest, here are where I’m standing right now:

Pigg fishing: There’s a new event that will give you some cute Halloween costumes. The early deadline has expired, but you still have about 3 days to complete the event, so… good luck!
As for me, I just barely finished it on time, but it cost me my sleeping hours as I just slept for 4 hours last night, and I’m so sleepy right now (x__x)

Pigg life: I’m currently waiting for the sequel of the Black Lily Event. It’s supposed to come out some time today.

Pigg island: I just finished the first 10 quests and am currently waiting for my energy to fill up again, so I can finish the rest of the extra quests.

Pigg cafe: Still struggling with the early deadline of the current event (- -“)

- – – – -

Anyway, moving on… I don’t know what is it with Ameba pigg and pirate, but it seems that they love to give us events with the pirate related theme (^_^;
So far, I’ve already got 5 pirate costumes, from the pirate captain to the slave one, and here they are…

The pirate captain
I got this one for completing the newest pigg fishing‘s event, and I love it. Too bad it’s in black color. I think red or blue would make it better (^_^;

The upper rank pirate
For the boy one, I got it for completing the pigg island‘s current event before the early deadline. I love the eye patch (*^^*)
And for the girl one, I got it for completing the basic pirate quests you’ll be given when you make your account on Ameba pico. The quests are not hard, but it definitely takes time to finish all.

The lower rank pirate
For the boy, I got it for completing the pigg island’s regular quests, and for the girl one, I also got it for completing the basic pirate quests.

Well, I guess that’s all for today. I’ve got guests to assist, so I’ll excuse myself now ;-)

In the meantime, good luck and ARRR~

Fishing Game: Positive and Negative

Good morning, everyone (^-^)/
How are the events coming along?

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been busy finishing up all the pigg’s and pico’s events. So far, I only finished the pigg cafe‘s event, while still struggling with the others (- -“)
I’m already on the last phase of the pigg life‘s and pigg island‘s bonus quests, though, so I hope I’ll be able to finish them soon and update my progress here.

Anyway, I’m currently doing the newest pigg fishing‘s event – the Space Turtle Event - right now, but I get bored, so I decided to write an article about the positives and negatives I’ve found in the fishing game instead.

The positives (+)

-) It’s very much do-able, even without the Ameba Gold. So for those of you who don’t have enough Ameba Gold to purchase (basically) anything, fishing game is the best solution to get cute items.

-) The goal is not as ridiculously hard as the casino games. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never been able to finish any casino games I’ve participated in so far! At most, I could only finish quest 6/8 of the mission challenge and quest 4/5 of the slot challenge.

I mean, come on. How are you EVER going to finish the challenge if the goal is C$ 250,000, while the most spins you’ll get are the gummies, which only give you about C$ 2. To be honest, I’ve never hit a jackpot so far, and I’ve barely got a perfect line. It’s just TOO hard.

Meanwhile, with fishing, the most goal you have to finish is about 180,000 points, and 1 fish gives you about 400 points if you finish early. If not, then the fish will only give you about 200 points, and you’ll have to fish twice as hard.
But I’ve always been able to finish early lately, so I don’t have a problem with that.

-) If you collect enough fishing points, you’ll be able to purchase a lot of cute items in the fishing store, such as new clothes, wallpapers, floors, etc. And the best part is… the price is pretty affordable.
The only one that is not affordable is probably the one that you have to trade in with the fishing tickets and certain kinds of fish. But I don’t mind not getting those stuff, since there is no item that I really really want there.

-) More bonus items. Basically, you’ll earn a special prize if you’re able to fish all kinds of fish in every area.

The negatives (-)

-) Waste of time. Honestly, waiting for a fish to come and bit your bait is one of the most annoying things that happens in the fishing game. Unless you have a makie (fish biscuit), you might have to wait up to 3 minutes to get a fish to bit your bait. It’s pretty annoying, since 3 minutes is a lot of time, and even by waiting for 3 minutes, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the fish you’ve been waiting for.

-) The fish is invisible until you catch one. If you only fish for fun, this might not be a problem, but during the event time, my strategy is to only catch the fish they’re asking for. If the fish is not invisible, we can save our bait and rod just to catch the special one, but since the fish is hidden, you can only guess if the next fish is the fish you want or not.
As a result, you’re wasting a lot of baits and rods, just to get a fish that probably doesn’t give you a lot of fishing points anyway (- -“)

-) The clothing bonus is not given until about a week after the event is over. This is probably the most annoying thing of all, since in most cases, I only fish for the clothing prize.
To be honest, I don’t really need furnitures or wallpapers, since I’m not going to change my room everytime I get a new wallpaper. Clothes are more important to me, since I change them every day. That’s why I always hate it when I have to wait for about 2 weeks to get my prize.

It’s not fair, considering you should get the prize the second you finish the quest. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Well, I guess that’s my review for now. I’ll update it again if I discover something else.

In the meantime, good luck with the events, everyone (^-^)

Barley Event Pics and Updates

Hey, everyone!

How are you doing? It’s already October 1st in Japan, which only means 1 thing… Halloween.
Now that Halloween is on the way, Ameba Pigg has started to celebrate it its own style. All the new events are related to pumpkin, ghost, witch, etc. Basically things that you will find on Halloween.

Speaking of new events, let’s start today’s article with those.

Pigg fishing: TBA (?)
I’m actually shocked that pigg fishing hasn’t had a new event yet since the White Dolphin Mission Challenge. This is quite impossible, considering they usually have one immediately after the previous one ends.
As I told you before, I’ve been currently addicted to fishing, so I’m actually looking forward to new events. But this is probably a good thing that they don’t have any yet, so I can concentrate on the other events.

Pigg casino: Kitty Halloween Mission
Pigg life: Marble Pumpkin Event
Pigg island: Pumpkin Island Event - participating

Pigg cafe: TBA
The Sweet Potato Sweets Challenge will be over in 8 hours! So be sure to stay tuned, since I’m pretty sure that the next one will come up immediately!
Judging from life and island, I’m guessing that the next quest will be related to pumpkin, so get your whisk ready, since we’re going to whip up a lot of pumpkin cakes or pies.

- – – – -

Anyway, let’s move on. Today, I’d like to share you the goodies I got for completing the Barley Event. The painful rank system is finally over, and I so wish they would not do it again. At least not now (- -“)

A set of a new attire.

A bronze crown. I was actually hoping for the silver one, since I love blue, but it was my fault that I started the rank system late, so I can’t blame anyone but myself (- -“)

Two new exteriors. Too bad that they didn’t give us a new interior this time, but both exteriors are so cute, I didn’t know which one I wanted to use. But in the end, I decided to use the red one, since it looks slightly better.

A barrel table with 2 small barrel chairs, a beer snack set, and 10 beer barrels. I love my new interior and patio. Anytime I sit on the barrel chair, it reminds me of the dogs-playing-poker painting for some reason (^^;

Anyone wants to join our little beer party?

A new action – the hangover action. This is what you got from drinking too much beer (^^;

A new sky – the pan sky. Anytime I look at it, it makes me hungry.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I’ll update you again if necessary. In the meantime… good luck!

Kaori and Fishing Game

Hi again, everyone (^-^)/

What a quick update, isn’t it? Well, the thing is… I currently have nothing to do now, since I finished most of the events. The only one I’m doing right now is pigg life‘s Barley Event the sequel, but I ran out of energy, so I’d like to use the free time to update my progress in pigg fishing while re-charging my stamina bar.

Oh, by the way, before I forget it again, there are some new events I noticed, and I better write it down now for those who want to participate.

Pigg fishing: White Dolphin Mission Challenge
The deadline for the bonus reward is over already, but you still have until October 2 JST if you want that cute dolphin interior and aquarium.

Pigg casino: Slot Pink Lolita Challenge
I don’t really remember the deadline, but I think it’s going to be over soon, so you better hurry up if you want to decorate your room with those pink stuff – not me, though :p

Pigg cafe: Sweet Potato Sweets Event Bonus Round
I was so SHOCKED when I found out they gave us another sweet potato quest in just 3 days period! Well, the prize is kind of cute (a sweet potato basket), but honestly, it’s NOT worth my time and stamina, so I passed it. If you think you can still do it on time, or if you just simply want the basket, you better start soon, since you only have about 48 more hours to complete it.

Pico casino: Slot Trump Card Challenge
Another slot challenge. What’s interesting is the fact that they don’t have a bonus prize (that can only be claimed by the first 500 winners) this time, so if you think you can do this challenge in 3 days, you still have plenty of time to get the wig, but if not, you still have about 6 days to complete the challenge.
Honestly, the prize this time is pretty cute, but I’m still debating whether or not I should play it, since it’s going to take a ridiculously long time. But if you want to do it, I bid you good luck.

- – – – -

Now, let’s go back to our main topic – fishing, shall we? (^_^;
As I told you before, I’ve been addicted to the fishing game lately. Unlike the casino game, pigg fishing is much more do-able, even without the Ameba Gold.

Here are the 2 events I was able to finish before the first deadline. Unfortunately, it seems that they never give you the bonus prize until a week after the event ends, so I can’t show you the bonus clothes I should’ve gotten (>__<)

The Colored Carp Event
I love the wallpaper and the carp pond. Too bad I don’t have enough decorations that fit the room, so it feels so empty.

The White Dolphin Event
This room is so white, it kind of creeps me out (^_^;
Nonetheless, I love the dolphin door and aquarium. They barely show themselves up, though, so most of the time, all you can see is blue water.
I also got the cute dolphin chair hammock. As for the rest, I only put the prizes I got for completing the Transparent Tiles Event and some other stuff.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. My energy bar should be almost full again, so I’ll go back to playing pigg life now.


Events and Warning

Hey, everyone~

How are things going so far? Until yesterday, I had the most relaxing time of my life ever since I started playing pigg, since I finished all the pigg’s events much earlier than the deadline.
Unfortunately, though, my relaxing time did not last long, since as we all know, Ameba pigg will never run out of new events.

That said, let’s start today’s article with the new events.

Pigg fishing: Sea Horses Event, Nishikigoi Event
Pigg casino: Rose Mission Challenge
Pigg life: Barley Event part 2
Pigg island: Darwin Workshop Event part 2
Pico casino: Slot Asian Resort Challenge

*The blue ones are the ones I’m participating in.

This time, I’m not participating in a lot of events, so I’m not too stressed out. However, I noticed that the stake is getting higher and higher, and I’m worried that I won’t be able to complete all the events on time (T__T)

Here are the reasons why I said that…

  • Pigg Life

If you just played pigg life recently, you probably won’t notice this, but compared to its earlier events, the current events seem ridiculously difficult!

Until March/April 2012, pigg life only had 6 regular quests and about 2/3 villager’s quests, and they were still pretty much do-able (meaning that we can finish the quest much sooner before the time is up). But after that, the quests are getting more and more ridiculous, we can’t even finish the first 6 quests on time.
As if it’s not enough, they have now increased the degree of difficulties by giving us a sequel of an event (usually with butterflies), and what I hate about the sequel is the fact that it never comes up right after the first 6 quests end.

Yes, for those who finish the first 6 quests early, they’ll have about 1-2 days to relax, but what for…!? I would rather have no time to relax than have less time to complete the sequel, which usually are much harder and need more time to finish!
But that is not the worst case scenario. What I hate the most from pigg life these days is the fact that they introduced us with a rank system!!!!! Seriously, I used to hate Pero’s stupid quests so much, but now, I don’t think I hate it as much, since doing Pero’s quests is much easier and faster than doing the rank system!

  • Pigg Island

For pigg island, I can never stop complaining how its quest is getting more and more difficult, but the current quest is the most annoying one of all (Darwin Workshop part 2).

Honestly, I’ve never liked the sequel of pigg island’s quests, but the ones before this were not too bad, since they came up immediately after you finished the first 6 quests.
But this time, pigg island has started to copy pigg life in terms of waiting period. As a result, we only have 6 days to complete the ridiculously difficult 4-part quests instead of 10 days or so, and I think it’s just too much!

  • Pico Casino

I think I stopped playing this ever since they increased the number of Casino $ we need to collect in order to complete the challenge. The first time I played it, I only need about $C 170,000 or $C 180,000 at most to reach the goal, but now, it’s never been less than $C 200,000 anymore.

I think it’s just stupid to play for $C 200,000 without Ameba Gold. I’m not going to sit in front of my computer for 24 hours, hoping that I would hit the jackpot, which I know it would never happen.
Long story short, getting all the items – let alone the special ones- is just too impossible, so why bother?

Anyway, I apologize for the rant, but I was just too upset when I found out this morning that we have to go through the rank system again in pigg life, and the maintenance does not help me at all, as it’s just slowing me down (- -“)

But the good news is, thanks to the maintenance, I have the time to update my blog and play pico casino just for fun!

Until next time, good luck with all the quests, everyone!

Sweet Potato Sweets Event Pictures and Updates

Hey, everyone~
How are you doing with the events? As for me, I just currently finished the pigg cafe’s current event – Sweet Potato Sweets Event - and I would like to show you the prizes I got for completing the quests.

But before I do that, I would like to update you with new events:

Pigg fishing: Sea Horses Event
Pigg casino: Vegas Hero Event
Pigg life: Barley Event
Pigg island: Darwin Workshop Event (the sequel is coming up soon!)

Good luck to those of you who are participating any of the events.

Anyway, here are the rewards I got for completing the Sweet Potato Sweets Event, but first, I would like to show you the new look of my cafe. I seriously can’t believe how much it has evolved!
But I still love it. It’s small yet cozy, and it’s much simpler than the one before.

A set of a new attire. I got the jewel hat for completing the special quest before the deadline (which by the way is still 4 more days, so if you haven’t finished it, you still have a lot of time to complete it).

Again, I’m not wearing the mitten and the apron, since they don’t look really good on me (~__~)

A staff uniform. Please meet my new staff, Kei-chan (^-^)

A new table and chairs.

I guess that’s it for now. I’m still in the middle of completing the fishing quest, so I’m going to leave and return to my game now.

See you again!

Surprise and New Events

Hey, everyone (^-^)
How are you doing with the events?

Not to stress you out even more, but… they’re adding 3 new events these past 2 days. So if you think you can’t play them all, choose your priority wisely, since the prizes are so appealing (*___*)

Speaking about prizes… I was SO surprised when they dropped this birthday cake in my room this morning \(^-^)/
It’s nice to know that somebody is there to celebrate your birthday~

Thank you, Ameba staff!

Now, let’s go back to the events, shall we? Here are the list of the current events. Again, unless you’re a Superman or Wonder Woman or just simply an Ameba gold holder, you may want to pick ones you want to do the most, since seriously, I don’t think you can do them all at the same time.

Simply put, there are too many events, but so little time… (- -“)

Pigg fishing: Fluffy Plush Event, Cute Penguin Event NEW
Pigg casino: Dance Show Event, Arabian Jewelry Slot Challenge NEW
Pigg life: Edamame Butterfly Event
Pigg island: Darwin Workshop Event
Pigg cafe: Sweet Potato Sweets Event NEW
Pico casino: Slot Tropical Fruits Challenge NEW

*The blue ones are the ones I’m participating in.

I think that’s all (I sure hope so, because if they have more than these, I don’t even know what to do).

Good luck, everyone!

A New Room and Updates

Hiya, guys (^-^)/

First of all, let me thank you for visiting and commenting my blog. I’m surprised that I’ve got more and more visitors coming in! I really really appreciate it, guys!
I sure hope that this blog can be useful for you too – I’m thinking to add more useful news, such as updates on events, the steps, etc… so wish me luck (^-^)v

Anyway, before I tell you about the new events, please allow me to show you my new room.
I got all these stuff for completing the pigg fishing‘s Transparent Tiles Event, and I love it~

P.S. I didn’t put the bear statue there on purpose, but it looks so cute to me now, since anytime I log in, it looks like that my character is standing on top of it (^_^;

And here’s the shower room. I should’ve taken the picture while wearing a swimming suit (~__~)

Anyway… it’s update time!!!
Here are the new events I’ve noticed so far. If I miss anything, I’ll update it again next time.

Pigg fishing: Fluffy Plush Event
Pigg casino: Dance Show Event
Pigg life: Edamame Butterfly Event
Pigg island: Darwin Workshop Event

*The red ones are the ones I’m participating in.

If I’m not mistaken, today should be the last day of pigg fishing‘s Amazon River Quest, pigg cafe‘s Western Style Sweets Event and pico casino‘s 2nd Anniversary Event, so you may want to keep your eye on them, since I’m pretty SURE they’ll have another event followed immediately.

In the mean time, I’ll go back to playing my games, so… good luck everyone!