Youhei and the Ladies

Hi, everyone~

How are you all doing? And how are the events?
Apparently, I’m just being too tired playing pigg lately, so I have given up a few events (mostly from cafe). Right now, I’m only doing life’s and world’s events, and if I’m lucky, I should be able to finish both today. If not, then my goal is tomorrow the latest. After that, I might be idle from pigg for a while until the new event begins next month.

Anyway, I just want to share this cute picture with you today.


My dear friend, Oppu (the one on the right) just introduced me to her friends. They are all so cute, nice, and friendly. Yesterday, three of them (Oppu, Lina-chan, and Kuri-chan) were waiting in my garden, before I even logged on… f(^_^;
And I didn’t realize they were there until a few minutes after I logged on. Thank goodness, I finally realized it, so I was able to talk to them for about an hour, lol.

It was such a fun gathering. I hope we will be able to do it again someday.


Sleeping Beauties and Charmings

Just how often have you caught this moment by accident? The moment when someone comes to your garden/island/cafe/city to help you, but they’re too sleepy to go back home, lol~

In my case, it happens pretty often, and here are some of the pictures I captured:

pcsb plfp plsb plsb2 plsb3

I just want to share these pictures today. I’m sorry for the lack of update, but good luck with the events, everyone (^-^)/


Yohei and Disney’s Characters

Hi again, everyone~

As I said, I better upload as many pictures as I can now when I have time than keep postponing it. This time, it’s Disney’s characters time. Yes, it’s about time, I guess, since there has been a lot of Disney related events in Ameba Pigg.

Disney’s Mascots

-) Mickey Mouse. Well, it goes without saying. When we talk about Disney, Mickey Mouse has to be mentioned first. It’s the company’s favorite mouse and logo after all :p

I got this one from Pigg Life. Come to think of it, this is the very first Disney event I played in Ameba too!


I got these two from Pigg World. I got the first one from finishing the main event, and the second one from the rare quest.



-) Donald Duck. Our favorite short-tempered duck (^-^).

I got both from Pigg Cafe. Now, I just need to wait until they make an event about Goofy, and my Disney’s 3 best mascots collection will be complete.



-) Chip and Dale.

I got this one from Pigg Life. And since my Ameba character is a boy, I only got the Chip one.


Disney’s Fairy Tale

-) Snow White’s Prince. The one that started it all…

I got this from Pigg Life. Come to think of it, Pigg Life has the most Disney events f(^_^;


-) Cinderella’s Prince Charming. I don’t understand why they gave us a blond hair wig, considering Disney’s Prince Charming has black hair f(^_^;

I got this from the most recent event of Pigg World.


-) Alice in the Wonderland’s Mad Hater and the Card Guard.

I got them both from Pigg Cafe.



-) The Little Mermaid’s King Triton. I was a bit disappointed that I got Triton instead of Prince Eric (- -“), but I’m over it now.

I got this from the Ameba Pigg fishing game.


-) Aladdin and Prince Ali.

I got them from Pigg World.



Disney’s Animated Movies

-) Winnie the Pooh. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t give us the Pooh bear costume, but I guess this is cute too.

I got this from Pigg Life.


-) Lilo and Stitch. Same scenario. They didn’t give us the Stitch costume. Only a regular Hawaiian summer suit and the Stitch doll. But it’s okay, I guess.

I got them from Pigg Island. If I’m not mistaken, this is the only Disney event held by Pigg Island. I wish they would do more Disney related events from now on…



Well, that’s it. I was searching through my closet, and I noticed that I have a lot of pirate costumes, Santa suits, and sailor uniforms, so I might do those later.

See you then~

Yohei and Oppu

Hey, everyone (^-^)

How are you all doing?
I really am sorry for the lack of updates. It’s almost New Year, which means, it’s been a year since the last time I did the regular update for events.
Amazingly, I’m still active playing the games (though I have to admit that I’m starting to get bored and tired, because of all the rank system), but I just don’t seem to be able to update my blog anymore (>.<)

Today, though, I have a little time, so I’m planning to upload some pictures I took along the way. If I didn’t start uploading them soon, my desktop would be filled with them :p

For starters, I’d like to introduce you to my best friend in Ameba, Oppu.
She’s really nice and funny, and I love chatting with her anytime she visits my garden. Here are some pictures I took with her. The setting is in her garden. She has such a CUTE and beautiful garden. I’m sure you’ll love it too.

-) A music lesson. LOL. Apparently, she has a lot of stuffed animals, and it feels like I’m one of the students, hehe~


-) Two sleepy friends. Caught this moment by accident, but it sure was a sweet accident (^.^)




Well, I guess that’s all for now. I will try to upload some more pictures along the way, and hopefully some updates too.

See you and good luck with the events!

Funny Pictures and Updates

Hey, everyone (^-^)

How are you doing with the events? I still have not finished the pigg island‘s quest yet, but I’m on the last step, and I still have 2 more days to complete it, so I’m good. Apart from that, my other burdens are to get as high rank as I can get in both pigg life and pigg cafe. Meanwhile, I already finished the pigg world‘s event yesterday, so for the next 4 days, I’m just going to increase my town population and build new buildings (^-^)

Anyway, the reason I update my blog today is because I took a number of interesting pictures that I’d like to share with you.  Well, I don’t know if you’ll think these are interesting, but I do… f(^_^;


  • “Head” shots. It’s either head only or headless.




  • Ladies’ man shots. Who knew?


pifp plfp


  • Water adventure shots. It was so much fun.

pfp2 pfp3

That’s all for now. I’ll take more pictures and updates more later (^-^)
In the meantime, good luck with the events, everyone!

Southern Country Cherry Blossoms Hanami Event and Updates

Hi, everyone (^-^)

It’s been a while, how are you doing?
The last time I updated my blog, I wrote about pigg cafe. This time, it’s pigg island‘s turn. To be honest, I kind of enjoyed doing the newest event in pigg island. It was not too hard, just repetitive and boring. But the rewards are beautiful. Now, I have my own bar and sakura tree! Along with the oasis I got from the previous event, this place has truly become my oasis (^-^)

Anyway, here are the pictures.




Regarding other piggs, I am kind of struggling with pigg life and pigg world. But I will do my best ’till the end. Everyone too, good luck!

White Day’s Cookie Event and Updates

Hey, everyone~


Wow! It’s really been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sooo sorry for the lack of updates, but I seriously do not have time to blog anymore. I’ve been busy with other stuff, and this time, I mean it. Of course, I still have time to play the games (always ^^; ), but that’s it.

Today, I’m just going to update real quick the prizes I got for completing the newest pigg cafe’s event, the White Day’s Cookie Event. If you haven’t finished this event yet, you still have more than 3 days to complete it, so rest assured. All in all, I love the prizes for this event, though I’ve got to admit that it was a torture getting them. The special guests were SOOO stingy, and I would slap them in the face if I were really in the game T__T

Anyway, here are the prizes:

-) 2 sets of a new attire. I got the first one for completing the main quests, and the second one for completing the sequel.



-) Staff’s new uniform. Honestly, I feel that the staff have been getting a better looking attire than we have f(^_^;


-) A cookie drawer and a cookie tower tree. Too bad I haven’t got the space to put them, so they’re stuck in my closet.


-) A cookie chandelier. I love this one the most, and I’m so glad that I can show it off (^-^)

So that’s all for now. Once again, good luck, everyone!