Yohei and Disney’s Characters

Hi again, everyone~

As I said, I better upload as many pictures as I can now when I have time than keep postponing it. This time, it’s Disney’s characters time. Yes, it’s about time, I guess, since there has been a lot of Disney related events in Ameba Pigg.

Disney’s Mascots

-) Mickey Mouse. Well, it goes without saying. When we talk about Disney, Mickey Mouse has to be mentioned first. It’s the company’s favorite mouse and logo after all :p

I got this one from Pigg Life. Come to think of it, this is the very first Disney event I played in Ameba too!


I got these two from Pigg World. I got the first one from finishing the main event, and the second one from the rare quest.



-) Donald Duck. Our favorite short-tempered duck (^-^).

I got both from Pigg Cafe. Now, I just need to wait until they make an event about Goofy, and my Disney’s 3 best mascots collection will be complete.



-) Chip and Dale.

I got this one from Pigg Life. And since my Ameba character is a boy, I only got the Chip one.


Disney’s Fairy Tale

-) Snow White’s Prince. The one that started it all…

I got this from Pigg Life. Come to think of it, Pigg Life has the most Disney events f(^_^;


-) Cinderella’s Prince Charming. I don’t understand why they gave us a blond hair wig, considering Disney’s Prince Charming has black hair f(^_^;

I got this from the most recent event of Pigg World.


-) Alice in the Wonderland’s Mad Hater and the Card Guard.

I got them both from Pigg Cafe.



-) The Little Mermaid’s King Triton. I was a bit disappointed that I got Triton instead of Prince Eric (- -“), but I’m over it now.

I got this from the Ameba Pigg fishing game.


-) Aladdin and Prince Ali.

I got them from Pigg World.



Disney’s Animated Movies

-) Winnie the Pooh. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t give us the Pooh bear costume, but I guess this is cute too.

I got this from Pigg Life.


-) Lilo and Stitch. Same scenario. They didn’t give us the Stitch costume. Only a regular Hawaiian summer suit and the Stitch doll. But it’s okay, I guess.

I got them from Pigg Island. If I’m not mistaken, this is the only Disney event held by Pigg Island. I wish they would do more Disney related events from now on…



Well, that’s it. I was searching through my closet, and I noticed that I have a lot of pirate costumes, Santa suits, and sailor uniforms, so I might do those later.

See you then~


Funny Pictures and Updates

Hey, everyone (^-^)

How are you doing with the events? I still have not finished the pigg island‘s quest yet, but I’m on the last step, and I still have 2 more days to complete it, so I’m good. Apart from that, my other burdens are to get as high rank as I can get in both pigg life and pigg cafe. Meanwhile, I already finished the pigg world‘s event yesterday, so for the next 4 days, I’m just going to increase my town population and build new buildings (^-^)

Anyway, the reason I update my blog today is because I took a number of interesting pictures that I’d like to share with you.  Well, I don’t know if you’ll think these are interesting, but I do… f(^_^;


  • “Head” shots. It’s either head only or headless.




  • Ladies’ man shots. Who knew?


pifp plfp


  • Water adventure shots. It was so much fun.

pfp2 pfp3

That’s all for now. I’ll take more pictures and updates more later (^-^)
In the meantime, good luck with the events, everyone!

Current Progress and the Updated Updates

Hey, everyone~

How are you doing with the quests? As for me, I’m feeling super mighty slow this time, as the rare items are really rare and the drop rate is surprisingly high (- -“)
That’s why I couldn’t update this blog as soon as I wanted to, since I’ve been busy playing all piggs. But I’m currently charging my energy bar right now, so I suppose I have a little time to update this blog.

  • Pigg fishing: A new event, the Christmas Mermaid Event. I’m not participating in this event, despite of how cute the prizes are and how tempting it is. I’d rather focus on the other piggs.
  • Pigg casino: Super Lovely Lolita Christmas Event. Not participating.
  • Pigg life: Cranberry Quest. I’m on quest 5/8.
  • Pigg island: Surfing Santa Island Event. I’m on quest 7/10.
  • Pigg cafe: Christmas Dinner Event. I’m on quest 6/7. I know many people have passed my progress, but I have to say that I move much faster than expected in cafe, so I’m pretty satisfied.
  • Pigg world: Christmas Event. I’m on quest 9/9.

Apart from pigg fishing and pigg casino, there will be a sequel event for the other 4 piggs, and they will be released on (approximately) December 4th JST, so if you finish the main events before then, you’ll have a day or 2 to relax a bit. Not me, though :p

Anyway, good luck and see you next time!

December’s New Events and Updates

Hey, everyone (^.^)

How are you doing with the events? As always, the beginning of the month means new events in Ameba piggs, and this month is not exceptional.
It’s Christmas events all over, guys! Looks like the Ameba staff is so excited, they have decorated all the areas with Christmas trees and decorations.

Anyway, here is the list of the new events:

  • Pigg fishing: There is no new one yet. You still have time to complete the Jellyfish Galaxy Event if you haven’t finished yet… like me (- -“)
  • Pigg casino: Super Lovely Lolita Christmas Event. I looked through the blog, and I’m not even interested in participating, so I can’t give you the details. But pigg casino’s events are pretty repetitive, so unless you’re new to this, you shouldn’t have any problem at all.
  • Pigg life: Cranberry Quest. Not my favorite fruit, but the event looks interesting.
  • Pigg island: Surfing Santa Island Event. Christmas in July (summer). Hm… I guess that’s not too bad.
  • Pigg cafe: Christmas Dinner Event. I’m telling myself that I’ll do this event ’till the end this time!!! Let’s see how good I am at sticking to my promise *fingerscrossed*
  • Pigg world: TBA (?) So far, there is no new event yet in pigg world, and I’m a bit disappointed. To be honest, pigg world is the only one I was most looking forward to the new event. Well, at least now I have 1 less game to worry about~

Ok, I guess that’s it for now. I really need to go back to playing these games, so I’m going to TTFN.

Feel free to ask me questions if you have any 😀
Good luck!

Pigg Fishing New Event and SBS

Hey, everyone~

How are you doing with the events? Ever since I gave up the pigg life’s and pigg cafe’s sequel quests, I’ve got a LOT of time to spare, so I decided to participate in the newest pigg fishing’s event.

Here are the details of the event and its step-by-step. Hope it helps!

  • Title: Jelly Fish Galaxy Event
  • Location: Japan Sea, advanced level
  • Target: Jelly fish
  • Bait: shrimp (recommended)
  • Deadline: December 3rd, 8:00 p.m. JST
  • Early deadline: November 29th, 8:00 p.m. JST


  1. For this event, the fish you need to catch is sparkly, so if you don’t want to catch any other fish but this one, you can recognize it easily.
  2. The fish will sometimes drop a tile, and each tile has points between 1-5. In most cases, you’ll get a tile with only 1 point, but if you’re lucky, you can get a fish with 4-5 points 2-3 times in a row.

I didn’t get the opportunity to take a picture of step 1 and 2, so I’m just going to write them down.

Step 1 – Catch 1 jelly fish.
Step 2 – Gather a tile up to 1 point.

Step 3 – Gather tiles up to 10 points.

Step 4 – Gather tiles up to 30 points.

Step 5 – Gather tiles up to 90 points.

Step 6 – Gather tiles up to 180 points.

Step 7 – Gather tiles up to 360 points.

Good luck!

Current Progress and New Events

Hi, everyone~

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving day to those who celebrate it. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day with your family and friends.

Anyway, as always, Ameba pigg staff LOVES to celebrate something by giving us more, more, and more events! My hands are full of them right now, though I have given up most of them. It seems that we’ll never run out of events!

This is where I’m standing right now:

  • Pigg fishing: There is a new event, something “icy”. The prizes ARE soooooo cute, but they are not worth my time, so I’m not participating in this event. Come to think of it, I have given up the past few events of pigg fishing, and it’s kind of sad. I hope I can pick it back up soon!
  • Pigg casino: There is a new event, something with a unicorn in it. I’m not participating in this event either, so I don’t know much about it.
  • Pigg life: The sequel of the Table Beet Event has begun. I’m not sure where I’m standing right now, but I’m definitely in the middle.
  • Pigg island: The sequel of the Secluded Lotus Island has begun. It will start immediately after you finish the main quests. I’m on quest 5/7 right now.
  • Pigg cafe: The sequel of the Winter Clothes Warm Soup has begun. Like pigg island, you can do this as soon as you clear up the main quests. I have given up the event long ago and haven’t picked it back up yet.
  • Pigg world: A new mini event to celebrate the release of this game has started. I’m on quest 6/7 right now.

I guess that’s all for now. I’ll update the blog again if necessary. In the meantime, I’ll go back to finishing up the rest of the events.

See ya!

Current Progress and Updates


Hi, guys. How are you doing with the events?
Sadly to say, I simply must give up some of the events, since it’s too overwhelming (T__T)
I think this is my worst progress, as I’m only doing 2 events, which are the pigg life’s and pigg island’s. I hope I can get back to my regular pace next month.

That said, here’s the detail of where I’m standing right now:

  • Pigg fishing: Have given up the current event, The Pink Dolphin Event.
  • Pigg casino: Doing the current event, The Bank Police Mission Challenge, but I’m only doing it for fun. Meaning, I’m not obsessed to get the final prizes.
  • Pigg life: Doing the current event, The Table Beet Event. I’m currently on quest 7/8.
  • Pigg island: Doing the current event, The Secluded Lotus Island Event. I’m currently on quest 8/9.
  • Pigg cafe: Have given up the current event, The Winter Clothes Warm Soup Event. I’ve been busy playing pigg world lately, I don’t have time to assist guests, who might not even give me the ticket I need anyway, so why bother? I’ll pick the event back up if I want to or if I still have time to do it.
  • Pigg world: Doing the basic quests, and so far, I’m enjoying them.

And here are some updates:

-) I added the Daily Quest page to this blog, and I’ll update it along the way, so if you need it, feel free to check it out.
-) I will update the Pigg Math page as soon as possible. I’ve been occupied with pigg world right now, so I barely have time to do other things (@__@)

Well, I guess that’s it. I’m going back to playing pigg world now. See you again soon!