Current Progress and Updates

Hiya, all (^-^)

How are you doing (again) with the quests? In my case, much to my surprised, my luck has been better these past 2 days that I’m starting to feel good now. But I don’t want to be overconfident yet, as anything could still happen.

Anyway, here’s where I’m standing now:

  • Ameba pigg: This is unusual, I must say, but none of pigg fishing and pigg casino has a new event yet! Usually, if the last one finishes, the new one follows immediately. Well, actually, there is a loyal slot event in pigg casino, but only some people can participate in it, I guess, since I haven’t been able to get in to the room these past hours, even though I did sign the participating paper.
  • Pigg life: I’m already doing the last step of the Pero’s quest, 7/7. This one is the most brutal one, as we need to make 4 caramel macchiatos, but I still have about 4 days to do it, so I’m just going to do it leisurely. 
  • Pigg island: I’m almost… almost DONE with the last quest. I only need to make 1 more totem pole out of 4. I hope I’ll be able to finish it before the big maintenance on Monday.
  • Pigg cafe: I’m 3 levels away from my goal, level 72. I hope I’ll be able to complete this goal before the new event begins!

Now, on to updates:

  • First, I’m planning to upload each step of the quests we need to do in 3 piggs (life, island, cafe), starting next event. But I don’t want to promise anything yet, since I usually do all of them, and I barely have time for anything else.
    But the worst case scenario is that I’ll upload at least 1 pigg, and pigg cafe will be my first option. I will do the life and island when I have time to spare.
  • Second, I’m still updating the Pigg Math page, although I usually only list the first 3 recipes they give us. So please come and check it if you need it. I know I do, and it helps me a lot.

Well, I guess that’s all for today. I’ll most likely update the prizes I’ve got for completing the pigg island’s quests next time.

Till, then, see you and good luck!


Current Progress and Rant

Hey, everyone~

How are you guys doing with the quests? As for me, I’ve been VERY UNLUCKY this time.

For starters, yesterday, when I chopped trees in pigg island, the lucky time popped up all of a sudden when my energy was almost running out. But then I thought, “OK, as long as it can give me golden woods from now on, it’s still manageable.” But guess what! I DID NOT get a SINGLE golden wood from the 2 stupid trees I chopped!!! NOT EVEN ONE!
And as if that was not enough, today, when I cook rusks in pigg life, the drop rate was MIGHTYLY HIGH (it was 40%), as I only got 5 stamps as supposed to 12!!!

Honestly, if I wasn’t tired (it was 4 in the morning), I would have probably cursed everyone or everything (- -“)
But thank goodness, I was too sleepy to deal with it, so I just went with it and hoped for a better luck next time!

Anyway, this is where I’m standing so far:

  • Pigg fishing: Just barely finished the Rock Aqua Event a few hours before the early deadline expires, and am now waiting for the next one.
  • Pigg life: Doing the Pero’s quests part 5/7.
  • Pigg island: Doing the bonus quests part 6/6. You might think, “Hm, your progress in here is not too bad,” since I’m already doing the last part, while I still have 6 days to complete it, but think again! In pigg, you’ll always have to expect the unexpected, and with this kind of luck, I’m still pretty much on the verge of failing.
  • Pigg cafe: Finished the main quest approximately 3 days ago, and have given up the bonus quests. As much as I want those cute prizes, they are not worth my stamina and time! As a result, I’m just focusing on leveling up right now. My goal is to reach level 72 (at least) before the new event begins. Let’s see how good I am in completing this goal *fingercrossed*

Anyway, so that’s my situation right now, in case you’re wondering – most likely not (^_^;
I hope you have a better luck than I do, and I bid you good luck.

あきらめないでね, みんな! お互いに頑張りまっしょう!

November’s New Events and Updates

Hi, guys~
How are you all doing?

As expected, the beginning of the month always means new events in pigg’s world, so don’t expect otherwise this time.

Also, in case you haven’t noticed, it seems that the Ameba’s staff has made their blog very organized this time, so it’s really easy to follow and understand, even if you don’t read Japanese.

Anyway, here are the new events I’ve noticed so far. Please note that I’m not participating in pigg casino, so I don’t know what event they’re having at the moment. If you know, feel free to comment below and I’ll update this blog in the future.

Pigg fishing: Shark POP Event
Pigg life: Chip and Dale Peanuts Event
Pigg island: Holy Land Eagle Island Event
Pigg cafe: Reading’s Fall Event

I’m currently participating in all of them, so imagine how busy I’ve been (^_^;
That said, I want to apologize in advance if there is no updates from me for the next few days. I’ll probably update this blog again after I finish some of the events, or if there’s anything important to update.

In the meantime… good luck, everyone!

Halloween Ghost Sweets Event Pics and Updates

Hey, everyone (^-^)/

It’s maintenance day… again, and so I can’t play the pigg games against my will. That said, I better use the opportunity to update my blog and share with you the prizes I got for completing pigg cafe‘s Halloween Ghost Sweets Event main quests.

Note that I’ve given up the extra quest that gives you a cute purple bat lamp, so I won’t list it here. But if you want the lamp, you still have about 1 day or so to complete the challenge, so don’t give up yet!

Also, pigg cafe is selling a lot of new items, and they are so cute!!! Plus, like that isn’t enough, they’re having a BIG SALE too (20% off) for the next 17 hours (before the maintenance), so if you want something, you better use this opportunity.

Anyway, here are the only items I got from pigg cafe – a new uniform for me and my staff.

To be honest, the uniform isn’t my favorite, compared to the previous ones, but it’s still okay. At least they gave us a jacket instead of an apron this time, so I can actually wear it.

I got the orange hat for completing the main quest before the early deadline expired. I think I only had a few hours left! Talk about crunch time!

– – – – –

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now. I just realize that I forgot to take a picture of my staff, so I’ll do it later and update this blog again then.
In the meantime, good luck for you all if you haven’t completed any of the quests yet.

A little updates…
There’s a new event on both pigg casino and pigg fishing, and of course, I’m participating in the fishing one. Also, today was the last day of pigg life’s Black Lily Event, so I wonder if they’ll give us a new quest immediately after the maintenance later. Let’s see!

Kaori and the Masquerade Ball

Hi, everyone (^-^)

I can’t believe how relaxed I’ve been as soon as I finished the pigg island’s quests. Turns out, pigg island is the one that was most time consuming. But then again, that’s because I’ve given up the extra quest of pigg cafe, I’m sure, otherwise, pigg cafe will be the one that’s more time consuming.

That said, since I’ve got time to spare, I’d like to share with you a bunch of costumes I’ve collected along the way. This time, I include my characters from both pigg and pico, just because they make a cute couple (^-^)

  • The Valentine’s Day couple

The boy is the chocolate and the girl is the strawberry. Don’t they make a cute combination? (*^^*)

  • The Gothic Lolita couple

Blue and pink combo. Classic is always the best color to go (-.^)

  • The Wedding Day couple

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a veil for the girl, but the white color does the trick already, I think.

  • The Engaged couple

Just like the wedding one, only less formal and more casual.

  • The Frog couple

This is my most favorite one (LOL). The boy is a kappa (a Japanese mythical creature that looks like a frog and a turtle), and the girl is a yellow frog.

  • The Magician and His Rabbit couple

The boy’s costume is actually Mickey Mouse, but it looks like a magician too, no? And from his hat appears the cute pink bunny (^-^)

  • The Usual Ordinary Casual couple

I have no comment on this one. They’re just an ordinary couple.

  • The Orange couple

The boy is a pumpkin and the girl is a… well, I have no idea, but she makes a cute couple for the orange pumpkin, doesn’t she? (^_^;

  • The Fairy Tale couple

Last but not least is the fairy tale couple. The boy is a boy witch (and hopefully the nice one), and the girl is a cute little red riding hood~

I actually still have a lot more costumes to share with you, so I most likely will do it next time.

Till then, good luck with the quest, everyone!

Kaori and the Pirate Costumes

Ahoy, mateys!
How are you doing with the quests? (^-^)/

Surprisingly, despite of the brutally difficult quests, I managed to finish all of them before the early deadline!!! I was shocked yet happy!

Well… almost (^_^;
To be honest, I still need to complete the last quest of pigg cafe, and I only have 11 hours before the early deadline expires. Let’s see if I can finish it on time or not. If not, I don’t think I’ll regret it anyway, since the bonus price is just an exactly same hat we’ll get when we finish the regular quest, only in different color.

As for the rest, here are where I’m standing right now:

Pigg fishing: There’s a new event that will give you some cute Halloween costumes. The early deadline has expired, but you still have about 3 days to complete the event, so… good luck!
As for me, I just barely finished it on time, but it cost me my sleeping hours as I just slept for 4 hours last night, and I’m so sleepy right now (x__x)

Pigg life: I’m currently waiting for the sequel of the Black Lily Event. It’s supposed to come out some time today.

Pigg island: I just finished the first 10 quests and am currently waiting for my energy to fill up again, so I can finish the rest of the extra quests.

Pigg cafe: Still struggling with the early deadline of the current event (- -“)

– – – – –

Anyway, moving on… I don’t know what is it with Ameba pigg and pirate, but it seems that they love to give us events with the pirate related theme (^_^;
So far, I’ve already got 5 pirate costumes, from the pirate captain to the slave one, and here they are…

The pirate captain
I got this one for completing the newest pigg fishing‘s event, and I love it. Too bad it’s in black color. I think red or blue would make it better (^_^;

The upper rank pirate
For the boy one, I got it for completing the pigg island‘s current event before the early deadline. I love the eye patch (*^^*)
And for the girl one, I got it for completing the basic pirate quests you’ll be given when you make your account on Ameba pico. The quests are not hard, but it definitely takes time to finish all.

The lower rank pirate
For the boy, I got it for completing the pigg island’s regular quests, and for the girl one, I also got it for completing the basic pirate quests.

Well, I guess that’s all for today. I’ve got guests to assist, so I’ll excuse myself now 😉

In the meantime, good luck and ARRR~

Fishing Game: Positive and Negative

Good morning, everyone (^-^)/
How are the events coming along?

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been busy finishing up all the pigg’s and pico’s events. So far, I only finished the pigg cafe‘s event, while still struggling with the others (- -“)
I’m already on the last phase of the pigg life‘s and pigg island‘s bonus quests, though, so I hope I’ll be able to finish them soon and update my progress here.

Anyway, I’m currently doing the newest pigg fishing‘s event – the Space Turtle Event – right now, but I get bored, so I decided to write an article about the positives and negatives I’ve found in the fishing game instead.

The positives (+)

-) It’s very much do-able, even without the Ameba Gold. So for those of you who don’t have enough Ameba Gold to purchase (basically) anything, fishing game is the best solution to get cute items.

-) The goal is not as ridiculously hard as the casino games. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never been able to finish any casino games I’ve participated in so far! At most, I could only finish quest 6/8 of the mission challenge and quest 4/5 of the slot challenge.

I mean, come on. How are you EVER going to finish the challenge if the goal is C$ 250,000, while the most spins you’ll get are the gummies, which only give you about C$ 2. To be honest, I’ve never hit a jackpot so far, and I’ve barely got a perfect line. It’s just TOO hard.

Meanwhile, with fishing, the most goal you have to finish is about 180,000 points, and 1 fish gives you about 400 points if you finish early. If not, then the fish will only give you about 200 points, and you’ll have to fish twice as hard.
But I’ve always been able to finish early lately, so I don’t have a problem with that.

-) If you collect enough fishing points, you’ll be able to purchase a lot of cute items in the fishing store, such as new clothes, wallpapers, floors, etc. And the best part is… the price is pretty affordable.
The only one that is not affordable is probably the one that you have to trade in with the fishing tickets and certain kinds of fish. But I don’t mind not getting those stuff, since there is no item that I really really want there.

-) More bonus items. Basically, you’ll earn a special prize if you’re able to fish all kinds of fish in every area.

The negatives (-)

-) Waste of time. Honestly, waiting for a fish to come and bit your bait is one of the most annoying things that happens in the fishing game. Unless you have a makie (fish biscuit), you might have to wait up to 3 minutes to get a fish to bit your bait. It’s pretty annoying, since 3 minutes is a lot of time, and even by waiting for 3 minutes, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the fish you’ve been waiting for.

-) The fish is invisible until you catch one. If you only fish for fun, this might not be a problem, but during the event time, my strategy is to only catch the fish they’re asking for. If the fish is not invisible, we can save our bait and rod just to catch the special one, but since the fish is hidden, you can only guess if the next fish is the fish you want or not.
As a result, you’re wasting a lot of baits and rods, just to get a fish that probably doesn’t give you a lot of fishing points anyway (- -“)

-) The clothing bonus is not given until about a week after the event is over. This is probably the most annoying thing of all, since in most cases, I only fish for the clothing prize.
To be honest, I don’t really need furnitures or wallpapers, since I’m not going to change my room everytime I get a new wallpaper. Clothes are more important to me, since I change them every day. That’s why I always hate it when I have to wait for about 2 weeks to get my prize.

It’s not fair, considering you should get the prize the second you finish the quest. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Well, I guess that’s my review for now. I’ll update it again if I discover something else.

In the meantime, good luck with the events, everyone (^-^)